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Meet Dr. Melissa Risso

Are you tired of talking endlessly about the problems in your relationships? Are you frustrated with the conflicting relationship advice out there and just want a professional therapist to guide you through your unique situation? Are you ready to find personalized, actionable, and effective solutions?

As a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a passion for helping individuals live better lives, my unique approach to Sex Therapy is what sets my practice apart. Following a holistic model, my therapy approach integrates the medical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of treating sexual challenges.

This is a place where you can be yourself, tell your whole story — and be heard — and receive treatment uniquely attuned to your needs. At Risso Counseling, we treat the whole person and we are here to help.

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Sex is a touchy subject.

Sex has the potential to be one of the most satisfying, intimate, empowering, and joyful experiences we get to have as human beings.

But we often end up feeling embarrassed, insecure, and lost when it comes to our own pleasure and desires. 

That’s why I provide a safe, laid back, and professional space where you can share your thoughts and feelings in a supportive and confidential environment.

Within my practice, all people and all stories are welcomed as we discover the unique formula to living your best, most passion-filled life.

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Taking the intimidation out of intimacy.

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"She is one of the best therapists that I have worked with..."

"Melissa is an outstanding therapist. She is compassionate towards her clients, very professional, and quite knowledgeable about her field. I was impressed at how quickly I felt comfortable with her. She is one of the best therapists that I have worked with; I highly recommend her!"

- Amanda S.

"Highly recommended therapist!"

"A++ Therapist! I can say without a doubt that Melissa is one of the few therapists that greatly loves her job and highly invests in her clients. She is compassionate, hard-working, and provides different techniques to ensure that you are taking away new information. HIGHLY recommended therapist!"

- Michael z.

"A big thank you, Melissa!"

"One of the best therapists! She completely changed my life! A BIG THANK YOU, MELISSA!!!!! I'm forever grateful for you and what you taught me."